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Learning new skills and trying out new techniques is challenging! But when you persevere in the face of a challenge, and come out on top, you realize you're stronger and more capable than you ever thought possible!

Realizing this makes you feel more confident. You feel more sure of your ability to handle whatever other challenges life throws your way too. Both kids and adults feel their self-esteem and confidence soar quickly!

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Mallory Huss
- a month ago
I had a great experience at their women's self defense class. Definitely looking in to signing up for a membership! Master Waugh is awesome. I can tell his whole heart is in it and the whole team was so helpful with breaking down the moves for us and coaching us along the way.

James Brown
- 2 months ago
I have known Mr. Waugh for over 20 years. He is a martial artist of the highest order. His ability as a martial artist is only exceeded by his character and ability as an instructor, and I have the utmost confidence in his methods and teaching. I give his academy my highest recommendation and hope that you will seek him out yourself.

Mac Badejo
- 2 months ago
Always clean, friendly, lively, and helpful. love this place I highly recommend!

Nate Mann
- a year ago
The best atmosphere in Texas and some of the best Jiu-Jitsu in the state. Everyone is welcoming and trains with no ego, truly a learning environment.

- a year ago
I love the curriculum and the approach to training, the classes are education based so you don’t have to roll if you don’t want to which I like because some of the other gyms I’ve been to make you roll even if you don’t know anything (kinda pointless) but all in all they have a very methodical approach to Jiu-Jitsu.

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